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Repetition Compulsion

Sigmund Freud’s concept of ‘repetition compulsion’ notes that once we have been emotionally traumatized (and conditioned), we may unconsciously seek to repeat a similar trauma in the future. Essentially, what has traumatized an individual earlier in life, if unresolved, will often revisit them again in similar future […]

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Emotions are Physiologically Based

While emotions used to be thought of as only residing in the brain, it is now known that the molecular basis of emotions involve the physiology of ‘information substances’, which are comprised of neuropeptides, hormones, and other specialized information molecules that permeate the entire body — including […]

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Dr. Buckley Receives Award

Doctor Buckley received the N.E.T “Doctor of the Year” award in May 2018 during the 30th Anniversary Celebration of N.E.T in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Buckley was selected from a pool of 10,000 N.E.T practitioners who practice in 30 countries. Dr Buckley stated, ” I am so humbled […]

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The agony of “De-feet”

When we are sick, we feel more at ease when we can put a name or diagnosis on the symptoms. People tend to think about health in a kind of one dimensional way. We look for the single factor that we can point to that is causing […]

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