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Dr. Buckley received his bachelor’s degree from Empire State College in New York and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College. He has been living and practicing in Rockport for the past 20 years at Champion Total Health. He is very passionate in treating the whole person and helping people overcome obstacles that keep them from enjoying their best life.

“We are more than just a bag of chemistry, more than just a set of symptoms, more than just your lab results. Our health is intimately connected to how we are doing in our life. Through my 20 years in practice I have seen the impact of stressful life situations and how they affect health in profound ways.”

Dr. Buckley integrates a variety of techniques in his practice which help to balance your body’s energy. He utilizes homeopathy, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Taking this holistic approach which integrates ancient wisdom with modern science we can help restore balance in your body. In most cases, once we identify and eliminate the obstacles to normal function, your body can restore it’s health no matter what named condition you’ve been diagnosed with.

One of these techniques is called Neuro Emotional Technique or NET. NET utilizes manual muscle testing and the acupuncture meridian system to determine structural, nutritional, toxic, and emotional stressors within the body that can cause ill health or disease. Dr. Buckley believes everyone can benefit from this specific practice, because we all deal with stress in some way from infancy through adulthood. It’s all too often that he sees patients who unknowingly have held on to stresses from infancy that have affected their lives in a hurtful way. It’s exciting to know that this no longer needs to be the case. You can eliminate stresses that have been held for many years using these techniques so that they don’t create problems as we grow.

The human body is extremely powerful, more powerful than any disease when working optimally. Our work is to unlock the power of the body so that it can create healing from the inside out.


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