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Here’s what our patients are saying:

I like Dr. Buckley’s manner, he’s non threatening, professional but in a nice quiet way, I just like his approach, it makes me feel very comfortable and he’s taught me that the body doesn’t lie. I became very interested in that whole aspect of chiropractic. I think he’s really an expert at it, at least in my experience. His process helped me enormously on many levels. It’s given me a much broader consciousness about my whole life which is wonderful!

– J.V. – Camden, Maine

The things that I like about Jim are that he’s a really good listener, he’s excellent at setting you at ease and getting you to talk about both the things that are easy to talk about on the surface but also over time he’s a very comfortable person to be around and he helps you get into deeper issues and move you through a healing process that’s really important to go through.
It took me a while to understand why I was having these discussions with my chiropractor. It turns out that there’s a very holistic approach to healing that you can find in the work that Jim does. Discussions you can have about relationships over time, in your history in your family’s history could be linked to feelings in your body today. That those connections can be worked on to lead to healing in your physical presence was a real surprise to me. It’s not something I understood right away. I came in because my neck hurt, and it turns out that my neck hurting, and shoulders hurting and my knee hurting and my foot hurting, were all connected to a whole series of tensions that I had been hanging on to throughout my life. He helped to take those tensions apart and to understand how they’re related to the point to where overall my health improved significantly over time.

– R.S. – Rockland, ME

After six months working with Dr. Buckley my husband and I needed to get new wardrobes! We kept downsizing into old clothes as we got thinner until nothing fit! Then we shopped our butts off and donated all our old clothes to church. Church is doing a drive and all the proceeds from the sale of the clothes go to scholarships for kids. My hubby is off blood pressure medicine for the first time in 20 years and has been off all steroids and pain meds for the last 2 months! Changing our lifestyle has been sooo worth it! I have lost 42 pounds and my hubby has lost 65 pounds!

– E.S. Cushing Maine.

Dr. Buckley has been my great blessing! He has helped me overcome insomnia, and anxiety and therefore I sleep better. Whenever I leave his office I feel 10Lbs lighter than when I came in the door. It’s amazing! What Dr. Buckley does for me is give me a non-prescription way of sleeping and a way to overcome things that get in the way of my sleep vs taking prescribed medication to sleep. So that’s freed me from having to take any medication for anything sleep-wise or anxiety-wise issues. So I can just live a clean life and a happy life!

– M.W. – Rockland, ME

I had been going to doctor after doctor trying to get migraines among other symptoms to subside. As a young girl, being put on so many different medications including oxycodon to try to lessen the pain and not feeling the slightest difference I had to try something else. That something was Dr. Buckley. His practice has been not only a great relief but an eye opener to how important it is to keep natural things going through your body if you truly want to feel better. It doesn’t make sense to put more “toxins” into your body when you are trying to feel better. After months with no improvement I didn’t believe him when he said I would feel a difference in days. However, he was right. The next day I had gone from being depressed and in pain, to feeling like a whole new person. I’ve have never written a review before, but this was such an amazing experience I had to share it!

– K.K. – Belfast, ME


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